Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing to make money from your home


You want to make money online today. You search on the internet and you see a thousand and more ways of making money from the web(and there are a lot of scams too). Either you have been looking for such a way for some time now, or you have found a way or two you would like to stick with. In this post, you discover affiliate marketing as “THE” way to make money online on auto pilot. Finally, what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Definition of affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a form of referral marketing. This means, you get paid when you refer someone to a particular site, service or product and the desired action is performed on the site by the referred. Hence, you receive a commission when your referral performs the required action . The system is that simple. Therefore, we can summarize as:- Referral – desired action – commission. This is probably the easiest way to make money online. Next, lets get more into this system.

Basic Description:

Affiliate marketing is like the word-to-mouth marketing. The only difference is the fact that this occurs online. You register on an affiliate network and choose the product to promote, as a result, you will be given a tracking URL for that product. This URL is used to track the traffic sent to the website through you. You will mostly encounter URLs valid for 60 days(Known as a 60 days cookie period). When your referral performs the action, you will receive your commissions. You choose the payment method for your commissions as a whole. Popular payment methods are paypal and payoneer for example(Though some affiliate networks do not use paypal, all I know of use payoneer. An advantage of payoneer is; no matter what country you are in, you can receive money).

The two main paths of affiliate marketing:

You can either use the classic way(setting up a platform to promote products. A blog or a youtube channel for example) or you can use the “other” way(collecting emails from people around you and/or from paid traffic and then promoting offers to them via emails using an autoresponder). Both ways work well. The classic way consumes more time and effort. The “other” way consumes more money. You will get the best outcome by combining both. Meaning, you use a platform to collect emails and then send offers to them using an autoresponder.


The prerequisites are the parts necessary for you to reap the profits of an affiliate network. They are the tools you need to make money from home. They are:-

  • A computer, a phone or a tablet.
  • A reliable internet connection( By reliable I mean a connection that works when you need to get to work).
  • An affiliate network(the link between you and those who want to sell their products).
  • A platform to attract, control and finally convert your traffic(a blog, a youtube channel or  an instagram page for example)
  • An autoresponder. If someone visits your blog or general website for example, then the person leaves. You may never see them again. But if you keep his email address, you will be able to send him an offer in the future. One he might find more interesting than the the actual one.
  • A payment stream. Paypal or payoneer for example.


So there you have it, now you know what affiliate marketing is. First of all, this is the first step to earning some income from the web. With this, you can earn as much as 50-100$ per day. Some people get to 13000$ per week. Sick isn’t it? Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to my newletter for 7 free tips on how to make money from this system.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is it safe to get into affiliate marketing? Yup! It is. It is legal and due to the CAN-SPAM act, you cannot force anyone to read your messages, so any subscriber who does, is willing to.
  • Does affiliate marketing marketing and other forms of advertising go along? You can do both on your website. I do not recommend mixing them unless you have a plan. Advertising can be more productive, or less. Hence, it all depends on you.
  • Is finding an affiliate link for a product difficult? Well first of all, it depends on the affiliate program you are in. Secondly, all the affiliate programs offer marketplaces. This is where you will find all the products. Finally, as you choose a product, you will get the affiliate link.
  • How much do I have to spend to get into an affiliate program? Absolutely nothing.