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Affiliate Marketing Advantages: You Will Wish You Were Already An Affiliate

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This post targets those who still ask “Why choose affiliate marketing over other forms of online business?” and outlines the affiliate marketing advantages. There are indeed many ways of earning income on the internet. Unfortunately, many users make the mistake of getting into too many online businesses at once and as a result, they end up not getting enough from each of them. This leads to not getting enough from all of them as a whole.

In this article:

In this article you get the affiliate marketing advantages. Also, you get an insider look on affiliate marketing. Finally, you get to know how much fun time affiliate marketing can create for you. Such as, time to get together with your friends and family more often(since affiliate marketing works on autopilot).

This may not be for you:

Affiliate marketing as I describe it on this website is not for everybody. In other words, not everybody wanting to make money online can use this website. Why, you may ask. The reason being that, I do not see affiliate marketing as a source of additional income. Instead, I see affiliate affiliate marketing for what it really is, a MAIN source of income. As a result, I do not give guidelines about making additional income. I give guidelines about making affiliate marketing you main stream of income.

Affiliate marketing advantages:

Affiliate Marketing Advantages

This is where you start get the affiliate marketing advantages. In this part, we get into the bread and butter of this post. As a result, you may start getting hungry, but you will not be hungry for food. Instead, you will be hungry because you will want more of what affiliate marketing can and will give you. I picked out what I believe to be the top ten advantages of affiliate marketing, in order to illustrate succinctly the goods of affiliate marketing.

  • Ease of use: Most anyone can set up an affiliate business. You just need the prerequisites. Not only will you easily set up an affiliate business, you will also easily get the return on investment(investment of time or money or time and money). By this I mean, the affiliate networks are easy to find, and these networks provide means of payment that are widely spread and fast to receive and withdraw cash.
  • The whole business belongs to you: First of all, you are your own boss. Not only this, but you are your own business. Finally, the whole thing is in the palm of your hand. This means, not only do you see everything unfolding right before your eyes, but, you can control the unfolding as you please(this is my favorite affiliate marketing advantage).
  • You set the working schedule: Another nice affiliate marketing advantage is, you decide when you work. First of all, the system is an auto pilot financing system. Additionally, you get to decide when you do what. If you are familiar to playing chess, you will find this whole business thrilling. In a like manner, you get to move your pieces around to create a desired effect. The more calculated and precise your move is, the more you own the game.
  • Affiliate marketing is an auto pilot business: If you want, you can control all the pieces of your machine every single day or you could just set specific task and orders that give a particular result when followed through. Let me take an example to illustrate this. Lets say you post an ad of a product you decide to promote on a given website. When someone clicks on the ad, he does not get to contact you. Instead, he is redirected to the website you have decided to use, and he is given instructions on that website. As a result, when he performs the desired action on that website, you receive a commission. Even if you are watching your favorite sports team losing an important game at that moment.
  • You are master of how much you get as a whole: Affiliate marketing pays commissions per result, so you, as the affiliate marketer, receive commission based on how well you set up your sales funnel. The advantage here is this, you do not get a fixed amount per month. Instead, you can get even more than you can think of on a monthly basis.
  • The rates are fixed so you know what to do: You already know how much you are going to receive each time a customer performs the desired action. You know how much one completion of the process gives you. If you want more, simple. Make the same process occur over and over and over again.
  • No need to worry about customer care: Once a customer performs a purchase, for example. The questions and issues that need to be troubleshooted, are dealt with by the seller himself, not you. That being the case, you are just the bridge between the buyer and the seller. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Can be set up with little to no cash to begin with: One of the best affiliate marketing advantages is the fact that you do not need much money to set up your affiliate business. As a result, anybody with some will, can get into the business. It is too bad not enough people do.
  • You already have the necessary tools: In this business, almost everything you have to use is already familiar to you. As a result, you will skip some basic skills acquisition courses. As an example to illustrate this, an affiliate marketer uses the internet and a computer. You are already familiar with the internet, otherwise you would not have been able to read this post. Also, you are familiar with using a computer to browse, read books, watch videos and finally, to communicate. You basically already know more than 50% of the tools you will use.

This is your ticket to being a millionaire from home: This point is self explanatory.


So there you have it entrepreneurs, the reasons why you should consider getting into affiliate marketing. It is safe to say it is not the magical method that will give you what you want overnight. Nor will it change your life in the blink of an eye. On the other hand, if you are patient and realistic, this what you want to use. This post outlined the advantages you get as an affiliate marketer over more classic forms of making money. Also, this post makes you understand more what type of business I am talking about. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailbox to get 7 things that will make you money in affiliate marketing.