Affiliate marketing programs: payout models
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Affiliate Marketing Programs: Which One Is Best For You?

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  • Definition of an affiliate network.
  • Payout models used in affiliate programs.
  • Important notes on choosing the perfect affiliate program.
  • A list of the most reliable programs .
  • What to know when choosing an affiliate program.


Choosing the appropriate affiliate marketing programs is an important step in the affiliate marketing ladder. It comes just after you have chosen your niche(how to choose your niche). Choosing one of the affiliate marketing programs means accepting its terms and conditions of operation. Also, this means you viewed their affiliate marketplace and you’ve seen some products you think you can promote.

It is important that you take your time in searching and choosing the correct affiliate marketing programs. I say so because, the program you choose affects the amount of money you will make. To illustrate my point, let me take an example. Some affiliate marketing programs like Clickbank‘s, can offer up to 80% commissions even if you  are just a beginner. On the other hand, affiliate marketing programs like Amazon‘s offer around 4% commissions as a start. Then, they offer more as you make more sales. You may quickly want to choose the one with a higher average commission rate. But, some affiliate networks can make up for their low commission rates. For example Amazon makes up with many more products than Clickbank.

You will also need to understand the various payout models. I explain what a payout model is, in the following section.

Affiliate Marketing Programs Payout Models. Choosing The Best Model for you:

There exist different kinds of payout models for affiliate marketing programs. By payout model I mean, tasks that have to be completed before you as an affiliate can receive a commission. I took an example above that involved Amazon and Clickbank. That was an illustration of the cost-per-acquisition model, where you are paid when the user acquires a product, through a purchase. This is one the 4 main payout models. We are going to talk about the 4 of them in this section. So, lets start our little tour through the affiliate marketing payout models:Affiliate marketing programs: payout models

  • Cost-per-sale: This is a very popular model. For each sale completed, you will receive a commission. From one network to another, the payment varies though. The disadvantage here is, it is not always that easy to make a customer buy something.
  • Cost-per-lead: This one is not so popular. In this model, you receive a payment after a customer has completed a sign up. That is, when a customer gives his email address or phone number or any other personal info he can be contacted through, you are paid. This depends on what personal information the advertiser wants. In many ways, this has a simpler look than the cost-per-acquisition, even though, you will earn per action.
  • Cost-per-click: The cost per click model, is known mostly as ad publishing. The principle here is simple. You receive payment each time the user or reader clicks on the offer or the ad or the link. Earning using this method may be the simplest of all. Even though your earnings per click may be very low. Still, this is the easiest way to make money through affiliate marketing.
  • Cost-per-mile: The cost-per-mile is more popular under the name cost-per impression. You may have heard of that already. If you have not, then that is not the end of the world. Here, when the user views the ad or offer a certain number of times, you receive a commission. As an illustration, lets take a trivial example. Some advertisers pay 3$ per 1000 views. So, if you provide 10000 views, you will earn 30$.

Now, you understand the different payout models. Another thing to understand beyond these is the payout schedules. This means, when you are going to be paid once either reach the payment threshold or you require payment. Some networks like Clickbank pay once or twice a week, you choose. On the contrary, networks like Google pay once after a period of 30 days. You may also want to get some more info about the paying time per affiliate program.

The most important thing when deciding on what payout model to use is what you want to achieve. Also, you need to evaluate what you think you can get. Can you get more purchases? Can you get more views? Or can you get more clicks? It all depends on what you think you are more able to provide as a service.

Reliable Affiliate Marketing Programs:

There are a lot of reliable affiliate marketing programs out there. Each one of them offers one or more of the payout models I listed above. It is up to you to choose the perfect one(s) for your campaign. This all depends on your business goals. Also, you have to use the one(s) you think you can exploit the most.

Here is a list of the more reliable and high paying affiliate marketing programs: High Paying affiliate Programs.


You now know what types of payout models the affiliate marketing programs use. Also, in the section above, there is a link to a list of the highest paying affiliate programs in the moment. Take your time, go through this list. Get comfortable with the items listed withing. Finally, make your choice. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for more.