create blog, and make money online
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Create Blog: Create your online money magnet

In This Article:

  • The definition of a blog.
  • Advantages of having a blog.
  • How to create a blog.
  • What next?


The name of this article is “Create blog”. This name is closely related to the aim of this post. Meaning, how to create a blog. A blog of your own. In this “Create blog” article, we deal with how to create your own blog. In addition to that, I explain how to start an online blog. Also, I outline major advantages in having a blog.

A blog is a website where one or more authors publish articles called posts. The authors arrange the posts in categories. The blog displays the posts in reverse chronological order.

create blog, and make money online

Most beginner affiliates avoid blogging. They try to paste their affiliate links all over the internet. Eventually, they almost all fail. Even those who do not fail do not make enough money from that. Other affiliates make use of email marketing. Email marketing works miracles, but you need tons of money to buy subscribers. In the end, it is almost unanimous that the best method in affiliate marketing is blogging.

Why Having A Blog Makes You A King:

Having a blog makes you a king. Having a blog already sets a difference between you and the overnight user trying to make money online. To illustrate what I mean, let me take an example. Our teachers tell us(or make us understand) that going to school is not the best way to succeed in life. They say going to school is the safest way instead. This applies to having a blog.

There is a difference between that example and our case though. Having a blog is not just the safest way to make money online but it is the best. I say it is the best because of accessibility to everyone. Sure, you can make 20M $ overnight with stock trading and other methods. But you will not even know where to start. Let alone raising the capital to invest at first.

In a previous post I explained the advantages of having an online platform. Here, I give advantages that apply particularly to blogs. Advantages that will make you “create blog”:

You Have Your Own Address On The Web:

With a blog, you own a web address. People find you more easily. Hence, it multiplies your potential visibility. If you sell products, your site will be like and online store. Stores are always easier to find. Also, users can window shop on your blog. As a result, they will come back. and make purchases.

You Own Your Personal Stage:

You are a stage owner. This means, you are in possession of a platform where you can showcase all your skills. Also, you have a stage where you can put all your thoughts, impressions and experiences out there. As a result, not only will people listen to you, but they will follow you. In addition to that, they will engage and tell you what they think. It also helps your readers to know where to find you when they have a problem.

You Now Have An Asset:

Most people own financial liabilities. This means things that cost you money somehow. Without bringing much money to you in return. In contrast to that, a blog is an asset not a liability. This means, having a blog equates to having something that can be a monthly income provider. Or even daily. There are so many ways to monetise your blog.

You Are Now Reputable:

Having a blog makes you more professional. As a result, you have a more genuine opportunity to establish a reputation. A good reputation means being more credible and trustworthy. In business, credibility and trust are everything.

How to “Create Blog”:

Previously, we talked about the advantages of having a blog. We saw how having a blog can increase your visibility. As a result of that, also increase your traffic and earning potential. We now move on the practical part of “create blog”. Meaning, we now move to the part where we talk about how to create your own blog.

Before we continue, I want to specify something. When I talk about creating a blog, I encourage paid hosted blog. This means having an entire website of your own. I recommend you avoid creating blogs with WordPress and Blogger. Do not use any free hosting site. I say so because, if they change their terms of operation, your business goes down. Another disadvantage here is that is does not make your look professional.

Lets start with how to create a blog:

Buying A Domain Name And Paying For Web Hosting:

First of all, lets define the domain name and web hosting. A domain name is a unique name that defines a website. For example, the domain name of my website is ““. This means, whenever you type that URL in a web browser, you will see my website only. In other words buying a domain name means buying a name on the internet that only you will own.

Next to that, we have web hosting. Web hosting involves taking over the technical management of a site by an external service provider. In other words, renting a space on the internet where your site will live. Now that we defined the two terms, lets move to the acquisition of a domain name and paying for web hosting.

Web hosting can cost about 100$ or more yearly. Some people choose to buy the domain name only( around 4$ per month) and use it on a free hosting site. This can be done if you lack capital to start. Doing so lets you have a domain name, which is good. On the other hand, the site still does not belong to you. As a result, you are still subjected to the free host’s terms and conditions.

Choosing And Installing The Proper CMS:

CMS means content management system. A CMS is a family of softwares for the design and dynamic updating of your website. If you don’t want to use a CMS, you can also choose to code the website yourself. This last one is only for the expert level programmers.

It is better you use a CMS. I recommend you use which is very easy to use and beautiful too. As you create your blog using your CMS, you need to complete a last step and you will be ready to go. vs to create blog

Setting Up Your Blog:

Once you have installed your CMS, you will have to choose your theme. There a over 2000 free themes for the WordPress CMS. There are also paid themes. Having a paid theme reducing the probability of other people have the same theme. After that, you will have to install the necessary plugins. A plugin is a tool composed of a set of computer files, and that allows to install new features in the margin of a software to which it is attached. Sometimes it is called an add-on or a plug-in to designate it.

Choose your theme and you install all the plugins you need. After that, you will be set to publish your new blog post.


In this post named “create blog”, we saw the importance of having a blog. We talked about the professional aspect having a blog brings. We also talked about how a blog helps you establish credibility. In addition to that, we talked about how to create a blog. As a new blogger, you just need to grow your audience and increase traffic. Then begin to monetise your traffic.