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Email List: Add 1000 subscribers this week without trying.

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In today’s online business world, the money is in the list. Any online entrepreneur striving to make a decent income out of the internet needs to have an email list. Not having an email list puts your business’ life at a big risk. Having understood this, some online entrepreneurs only specialize in list building. That is, they do not have a blog, or a Fan page. All they do is collect email addresses on the internet and then start marketing to their subscribers. I tried that before. It takes up much less time than having a platform. But you will have to spend money, a lot of it.

Here, we talk about building an email list with your own blog or website. All the methods I talk about here are the ones I implement on my website. As a result, I recommend you build your own blog or website and implement them there. If you don’t have one already.

I can already hear you asking, “why build a blog when I can use a Facebook or twitter account?”. To that, I then respond, “If you want to build a manor, would you rather do it on a plot own or on a plot you rent?”. Facebook and twitter can decide to block your accounts anytime they feel like it. They are the rented plot in the metaphor. So, you do not have enough control over those platforms. On the other hand, having your own site gives you the power to set the rules and regulation.

Another problem, when you use a social media platform, is that you do not choose who reads your post. When you publish, your post is just another drop in a huge moving stream of content. As a result, whoever reads it most likely does because he is online at the moment you post it. You may not ever reach those who are not online at that moment. That is why you need an email list. With an email list, you are in charge. You choose who receives what and when.

Before we talk about building an email list, lets define what it is. An email list is a group of people who subscribe to a mailing distribution on any particular topic. The key word here is subscribe. People actually want to hear from you when they subscribe. They want you to give them a reason to become a potential customer. Or a loyal reader at least.

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In the following sections we talk about how you can actually build an email list.

These 4 Weapons Will Make You A World Class Email List Hunter:

The most important thing when focusing on collecting emails, don’t focus on it. Don’t get stuck on your goal of collecting emails. In fact you may as well ignore it. Yes, you heard me right. Collect emails by not trying to collect emails. I am the first one to know how crazy that sounds.

When I started collecting emails, that was my first lesson in the prerogative of email collection. There would be many more. You do not control the fingers of the reader. You cannot force the reader to subscribe. It is not like you will put a gun in his face and ask him to. On the other hand, there are a couple of things you can focus on that will make the reader give you his email. All of these things are just within your control. These are the only things you need to focus on. So, lets get to it.

Content Is Your New Marketing:

What has the greatest appeal to a potential subscriber happens to be you control the most. That is, your content. You need to post great content. I know you will see this everywhere. But what makes content actually great? Content is great when it is useful. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just post useful content. Even mildly useful. Post the best content you are capable of.

It is a no-brainer that great content always keep your readers coming back. Great content is actually the one thing that can and will grow your platform. Even if you have a list of 1 million subscribers, post great content. If your content is useless, you may see them unsubscribe in thousands per day.

Posting great content is the greatest strategy. This is even more important than SEO and Social media marketing. In addition to that, you need to post on a consistent basis. You cannot imagine the number of posts published per second on the internet. If you want to compete with that you cannot just publish a single post and leave it there alone for a year. The only thing that entices a reader more than great content is even more great content.

Conclusion, you need to post great content. Content that is useful in anyway. You need to do this on a consistent basis.

Your Fish Net Has To Be Ready To Catch Fish:

You need to use a dedicated email subscription system. This is a service that will help you capture email addresses and store them. Another advantage of the using an email subscription system is that it does mass email sending. In addition to that, it follows up with your new subscribers. This means, your new subscribers receive ready made emails you designed beforehand.

I said before that you cannot force a reader to give you his email address. What you can do here is get your tools straight. All you have to do is set up the system in a right way, and let the readers feel on your website like they are at home.

Services that offer a good email subscription system, are Aweber and MailChimp. There are many more out there. Some would argue that these are not the best. But, these are the ones I have been using. Particularly Aweber. It is easy to use. My email list is well managed, and their ability to deliver in inboxes is top notch.

Make Your Sign Up Form Visible:

Another important thing you can do is, make your sign up form visible to your potential subscribers. This lets them know that you offer services beyond just posting articles on your website. Also, you do not need to wait to get a sign up form on your website. You need to start building your email list from day 1.

I suggest you put your sign up form on the top right corner of your articles. That way, it will always be seen. We are accustomed to reading from left to right. So, as they read to the right, they see the sign up form.

email list signup form

Another great place to put your signup form is at the top of the page. That way, it is one of the first things a reader can see. Finally, I suggest you use a popup. Now, this strategy is usually seen as bad and offensive. But the fact is, it works. The problem comes from the fact that many websites have their popup windows fire up way too quickly. They do not even give the reader a chance to read completely the article and get a good opinion. A good way to do this is to set the popup at the end of the page, or as the user is trying to exit. Some plugins offer this functionality for free. These plugins use cookies. That is, if the user closes the popup box, he will no longer see it for 30 days.

email list subscription popup window

Give Them A Reason To Subscribe:

To entice your readers into subscribing, you need to offer them an incentive. A reason to subscribe. It is ok to offer them updates, but that does not really have the  best conversion rates. If you have good content, your subscribers will decide to check on your website themselves. On the other hand, if you address a specific problem, you may get more of them to subscribe.

The subscribers come to your website in search for solutions to a particular problem. If you offer that solution, then you are more likely to captivate them too.


In the end, it is very easy to put up an email list. You just need to focus on what you can control. Forget about trying as hard as you can to get them to subscribe. Just follow up with the tips above and let them do the rest.

One last thing, you need to understand that you cannot get all of your readers to subscribe. Some people may have the problem you offer a solution to but still, they are not ready to take action to solve it. On the other hand, some people really want to know what to do to better their situation. Those are the people you want to focus on. You need to focus on them and offer them the best possible help you can offer.

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon.