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Posting Content On Reddit That Attracts Readers To Your Website.

In This Article:

  • What is reddit
  • The way reddit works
  • Preparing your post for reddit
  • How to post on reddit


In today’s internet, not knowing what Reddit is would be very strange. Even if you have never visited Reddit, at least you know of it. In today’s article, we look at Reddit from an entrepreneurial standpoint. More precisely, from a blogging stand point. In this article we will mainly focus on using Reddit as a source for readers for your blog. In addition to that, we will also look at Reddit as a source of potential customers for your business. Finally, we will look at how you can harness this platform to bring the readers and the customers to your own website.

Before we get into the mix of things, lets get a brief overview of Reddit and the numbers it has already put up in 2017.

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Reddit’s registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links. Registered users can then vote submissions up or down to organize the posts and determine their position on the site’s pages. The submissions with the most positive votes appear on the front page or the top of a category. Content entries are organized by areas of interest called “subreddits”. The subreddit topics include news, science, gaming, movies, music, books, fitness, food, and image-sharing, among many others. The site’s terms of use prohibit behaviors such as harassment, and moderating and limiting harassment has taken substantial resources.

Reddit logo

As of 2017, Reddit had 542 million monthly visitors (234 million unique users), ranking #7 most visited web-site in US and #22 in the world. Across 2015, Reddit saw 82.54 billion page views, 73.15 million submissions, 725.85 million comments, and 6.89 billion upvotes from its users.

These numbers already tell you how huge Reddit is. When we talk about 234 million unique visitors in 2017, you want just a tiny percentage of those for your website. Not all. And this is achievable, and we will get to that in a minute.

What To Understand When Posting On Reddit:

There is one thing you need to know when posting on Reddit. Redditors hate self promotion. Reddit itself hates self promotion. But the thing is, you want them to get to your website. So how do you promote your website in a way that does not irritate the Redditors?


To effectively promote your website, you need to solve problems. If you want the redditors to get to your website, you need to provide specific information that solves particular problems. In other words, you need to provide value. I get that providing value is a vague term, as a result, I designed a plan that will help understand how to identify the problems of redditors. Once you identify them, you want to target the problem with a solution.

That is not only for reddit, but also for all the other traffic sources I will talk about in the other articles. Now that we are on the same page, lets talk about how to get a post that brings traffic.

Step 1: Finding Subreddits Where Your Target Readers Hang Out.

Before ever even posting on reddit, you need to target first. By targeting I mean knowing exactly who you want to attract. In addition to that, you have to get to where they are already. Now, reddit has a lot of subreddits. These subreddits are communities. These communities are full of people interested in knowing more or expressing themselves in that field.

As a website owner, I think you have already drawn a reader/buyer persona. So, you know exactly who you are targeting. Let me illustrate this with an example. Lets say, your website provides tips on how to play on NBA 2k17. All you have to do is perform a search on NBA 2k in the reddit search bar. You will the subreddit in which many of your potential readers are. For example, this subreddit r/nba2k which has more than 49000 subscribers will do it.

A reddit community

This is not the only such subreddit. You can keep on searching in the reddit search engine. If you plan on targeting many subreddits, I suggest you write them down. In the end, you don’t want to start the search all over again because you forgot a name or two.

Now that you have found your target subreddit(s), lets get into identifying their problems.

Step 2:Identifying The Popular Topics On This Platform.

Once you have already, chosen your targets, you want to go deeper. You go deeper by also identifying your targets’ problems. The main problem, we as content creators have is creating content that appeals to the reader. It is not really difficult to produce content every now and then. What can be very tricky is to create targeted content. We all hear about valuable content, or other stuff. Often we forget or do not even know that our content has to be targeted.

We continue with our previous example, that is the NBA 2k. In order to post something that appeals to almost all the members of that community, you will have to do some research. There are two ways of going about this:

  • Research within the community: For each community, Reddit organizes the threads into categories. Hot, New, Rising, Top and two or three more. What you will have to focus on here is the Top category. Why? Because, this category lists the best ever performing posts in that subreddit. In order of merit. Once you are in the Top category, you will see interesting things. You will need to take note of the topics that come back over and over within this list. These topics, are the ones you will start focusing on.
  • Research on Youtube: This is the research method I prefer. It is more effective and the results go beyond just reddit users. It consists in this; you already know that your target loves NBA 2k, all you have to do it look for popular videos and channels on 2k. In the youtube search engine. Next, what you do is, you search for the most popular of all those videos. This means, the videos that strike the most interest within that field. The questions answered by those videos, are the questions you want to focus on.

Searching the nba 2k reddit community

Take your time while going through this process. This is what will make your site to become popular. This way you can be a reference whenever somebody needs an answer to a problem. That is what makes Google so popular. You go to them when you need to search some quick info or solution.

“Attracting readers to your website depends on your ability to their problems.”

Step 3:Create Content Addressing Popular Topics.

Once you have your list of problems you want to solve, then have at it. All you have to do is create content that solves the problem. Even if it does solve the problem mildly. On the other hand, be sure to take the reader from point A to another point B. If the reader gets little to nothing from your site, you cannot expect him to come back. Nor to refer your site to any of his friends.

Step 4: Relate To Topic On Website And Link.

At the end of your post on reddit, you need to provide a link to your website. Not to the homepage, but to a post that pertains to the topic at hand. This way, the reader comes in for more information and actually gets what he came for.


In the end, it all comes down to how much help can you provide? reddit is an online community. What communities do is help each other. Keep that in mind and you are on the right track. The part you have to focus on is the problem identification process. It makes what you are talking about worthy of attention. Simply because it is a question people are already asking. You will get more and more notoriety when you are recognized as an expert. And what do experts do? They solve problems.

So, lets conclude with a quick recap of the four steps to promote on reddit:

  • Step 1: Finding the appropriate subreddits.
  • Step 2: Identifying the popular topics.
  • Step 3: Create content addressing popular topics.
  • Step 4: Relate to topic on blog and link.

Talk to you guys soon.