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Instagram: An Untapped Source For Bloggers And Affiliate Marketers

In This Article:

  • Brief overview of Instagram
  • Why Instagram can be advantageous for bloggers and affiliate marketers
  • Instagram as a source of traffic and customers
  • How to harness the power of Instagram
  • Instagram as a branding platform


It would be strange in 2017 for anybody to say he doesn’t know about Instagram. Instagram is an app(it also has a website that lets you share visual content with your friends and with millions of other people you do not even know.

Instagram Logo
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Instagram has proven to be the best platform to share visual content. This is so because of the rate of engagement much superior to other platforms. This is a dream place for marketers and bloggers who use visual content as their main type of content. Even those using visual content as a secondary type of content  can apply pressure on Instagram’s sweet spot. As a result, they will get a lot of targeted traffic to their site.

I have tried out Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. Instagram has had by far the greatest rate of engagement. There is one thing I particularly love on Instagram. That is, Instagram puts your content in front of people you may not know or you may never know. Not your profile but your content. This increases your potential reach quite significantly.

Previously I said, in this article we talk about how Instagram is best for bloggers and affiliate marketers. We talk about that more in detail below.

Instagram, Untapped Source For Bloggers And Marketers:

Instagram is best for bloggers and affiliates because Instagram is a platform for visual content. The engagement rates on Instagram are so high because, we as humans react more strongly to visual stimulus. In other words, man is a visual creature. We cross the road when we see it is empty. We buy a dress because we see it a beautiful. Men shave because they want to look tidy. Men approach women because they see them as beautiful and enticing.

Instagram is best because people remember more graphics

Most of the things we feel and do in life are a result to visual stimulus. That is what Instagram harnesses. This is a great place to market your brand. Because your brand will be associated to a strong emotion. Being it good or bad. Thanks to Instagram, people can see your brand in terms of images. This makes them understand better what you offer. If it is what they want, then, you just attracted an interested reader.

Another advantage of Instagram is the search engine. Here you are not under the rules of SEO. Nobody will be above you in the search ranking because they used PPC advertising. Whenever you or your content are searched for, you will appear. As soon as you own an Instagram account.

Hit The Ground Running On Instagram:

I could tell you 101 tactics written over the internet. All those tactics promising to bring you more following. Unfortunately, I realized that most of them do not work. Whenever a tactic promises huge following in two to three days, forget it.

In my experience, there is only one tactic to get huge following and massive engagement on Instagram. That is to take somebody who did it already. Then copying all what they did. I found out that was the best way to do it. Think about it. You can’t reinvent the wheel. Nor do you have time for thorough research to discover cutting edge methods. Just copy someone successful already.

The best way to do it is to copy someone who did it before.

Here are some successful people you can follow on Instagram and see how you can mimic their methods.


Do some research and decide on how you will proceed. In addition to that, you will need to get spend some time on key facts.

First of all, you need to brand yourself. In addition you have to create an eye catching profile. If you can’t brand yourself, you will be just another commodity on Instagram.

Branding yourself helps you build a reputation. Having a reputation equates to more credibility. More credibility equates to authority in your domain. If ever you set to promote anything on Instagram without being a brand, you leave much money on the table.


Branding is necessary to promotion. To illustrate this, lets take an example. If NBA star, LeBron James says beans make him slower on the court. And then, some dude in a random gym says beans can make him faster. How many people do you think will ignore LeBron James to follow the random dude? How many do you think will do the opposite? The point here is, if you do not brand yourself on Instagram, you are just another random dude.

Lets talk about building a brand. Since building a brand is too vague a goal, and can be daunting, the following questions can help you:

  • What is the reason you exist on the internet? What is the goal of your business or blog?
  • For what reason(s) did you build your site?
  • Is there anything unique about you and your business?
  • Why do others have to listen to what you have to say?
  • What value do you offer to others within the scope of your site?

Answering the above questions helps. It helps you to get a better idea of what your brand should look like. Next, we talk about the way to promote on Instagram. Also,  check this Instagram Profile Optimization Guide and Cheat Sheet.

Digital Strategist & Entrepreneur, Ross Simmonds, has created the ultimate Instagram guide for brands.

Approaching Instagram As A Marketplace:

Here, we basically talk about how to promote yourself or products. In a previous article, we talked about choosing the perfect niche. Once you have chosen your niche, you can then launch your business/blog on the internet. On Instagram, you have a better possibility of capturing attention. In other words, it is easier to attract those interested in your niche.

The golden rule, when promoting on Instagram is this:

Educate first, then promote(on your website)

This sounds complicated. But it is definitely worth it. Also, it is something most people do not do. So, you have a chance to stand out.

Your content is visual. In addition to that, it should “teach” your target audience the benefits. The benefits of whatever it is that you are promoting. This has the advantage of not making you look like a salesman. When you appear to put other people’s interest before you, they trust you more. On the other hand, for this to work, you have to really put their interests before yours.

Also, before promoting, you need to understand your target audience. To do so, you will have to analyze Instagram demographics. In addition to that, you also need to understand demographics in social media. As a whole.

Instagram has some nice demographics

In addition to that, you need to know what time is best to post on Instagram:

Timing is everything when posting on social media

Growing Your Audience On Instagram:

Building your tribe on Instagram is something that can take you 20 to 30 minutes a day. Moreover, I will only outline t a couple of tactics here. I outline just these few because I believe it is all you need. In other words, you do not have to do much to do well. So, lets get into it:

  • Do a hashtag search on Instagram. Follow the users you see in those hashtag searches. Only those that you find relevant. In addition to that, follow their followers. You want to follow 30 to 50 users a day. Not more than 50. As a result, you will get lots of follow backs from engaged users.
  • Like 50-100 photos per day. In addition to that, leave as many comments as you can. Real comments. Do not post “nice” or “lol” or “beautiful”. Post something that states an opinion or that can start a conversation.
  • Socialize like there is no tomorrow. Get active on the app. Meet new people, make new friends. That way, you will reach more people. More people will talk about your profile in a friendly manner.

Promoting Affiliate Products Or A Website On Instagram:

There is only one thing that will always work on Instagram. That one thing is:

Do not promote a product, sell ideas and evoke emotions.

Remember, Instagram is all visual. As a result, what you post has to speak to the reader in some way or another. Following an adequate post, the reader will find himself concerned and may want to know more. Following that, he may visit your profile. As the reader visits your profile, he sees more ideas he loves and feels concerned about.

That is precisely what happens when a reader sees something that appeals deeply to him. This is your opportunity to capture his information so you can market more to him. That is why, you need an appealing bio. In addition to that, you will have to add a website under your bio.

That way you have an appealing profile, and a nice bio. And in addition to that, you provide more on your website. Two things might happen here. He move to your website or he follows you on Instagram. Or both. It is up to you now, to make this count and grow your mailing list.

Lets talk about one thing that can really help you here. That is, creating brandable images. As a result, your clicks will be boosted and that will drive traffic to your site.

When we talk about brandable images, we mean one thing. We mean images that link back to your website and/or profile. If someone sees one of your images somewhere, then he will know where to find more.

Free image creation tools & resources


Instagram is really a source of untapped traffic. I am still learning how to use it completely. But, I have learnt a thing or two that really work and help me boost traffic. In a quality way mind you. This is targeted traffic and the readers are engaged.

Please, do not neglect Instagram as a source of traffic or revenue. On Instagram, you can expand your reach. You can double your engagement rates. Finally, you can get more subscribers to your email list.

If ever you need help on how to harness Instagram more, feel free to let me know. Let me know by subscribing to my newsletter and then writing an email to me.

Talk to you soon.