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There are tons of "how to make money on Clickbank" products out there... Maybe you've been a "test subject" for cheap marketers trying to make a quick buck on outdated information? Some of these products are good of course, but 99.99% of them suffer from the same problem... If they aren't outright lying to you, then at least they aren't telling you the full truth. And even if they are telling you what to do... They are certainly not showing you how to do it! If you had a look at your hard drive right now... It's probably filled with all the information you would ever need to make money online But even if we put a gun to your head you couldn't use it... Because all the hyped up ebooks rave about "Step 8" in the process, when what you really need is "Step 1". The so-called "gurus" tell you that you can make oodles of cash exploiting this or that Google loophole, by writing tons of articles, by using this magic PPC campaign and just sending traffic to a Clickbank affiliate link. But we're here to tell you...
There are no loopholes!
There is no magic PPC campaign or "guaranteed" keyword list!
You can't just press a big red button and make money while you sleep!
What these so-called gurus are talking about is simply how to generate traffic to your affiliate links. Yes, traffic is important - but it should be the last thing on your mind! You need to have a proven system set up before you even think about sending traffic, let alone experimenting with costly Adwords campaigns.

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